Strix Nebulosa, 2020

In addition to city portrayals, Jussi TwoSeven has produced works of art around environmental questions, often animal-themed works, for both urban spaces and gallery settings. In Finnish culture, wild animals are often seen as thought-provoking and mythical creatures, and they are also visually interesting even when painted on a large scale. Painting wild animals is Jussi TwoSeven’s tribute to nature but also a statement for the preservation of the environment and different species.

Jussi TwoSeven’s animal theme started in 2014 when he worked in the Salmela artist residence in Mäntyharju. Over the years, he has captured an elk, a boreal owl, a sea eagle, a lynx, a wolf, and a white-tailed deer in his pieces, to name a few. One of the most impressive works of art in the All Is One exhibition is the 20-metre wide row of great grey owls, Strix Nebulosa (2020). Four eagle-eyed details of the great grey owls have been painted directly onto the exhibition space’s wall.

When sketching the animal-themed pieces, TwoSeven has the habit of using a camera. He has photographed stuffed animals in museums such as the Hunting Museum of Finland in Riihimäki and the Natural History Museum in the Vapriikki Museum Centre in Tampere. The photorealistic depiction and the Latin names are the artist’s ways of highlighting the message for forest animals – only man and the surrounding society can make choices to safeguard the prerequisites for natural diversity, the wealth of species, and life.

Creation of Strix Nebulosa as a timelapse-video on Jussi TwoSeven’s Instagram-account:

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Jussi TwoSevenin näyttely All Is One Kimmo Pyykkö -taidemuseossa 25.1. – 17.5.2020.

Jussi TwoSeven, Strix Nebulosa, 2020, 4 x 20 m. Spray and acrylic paint on wall. Photo: Jussi TwoSeven.

Kimmo Pyykkö -taidemuseossa tapahtuu

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