Stencil art and the individual style

Jussi TwoSeven’s artistic roots go back to graffiti and street art. He discovered his own style after he got bored with the traditional graffiti in the early 2000s and found, explored and adopted stencil art. Currently, TwoSeven’s style is unique, black-and-white, and easily recognizable. His pieces combine a stencil technique and painterly gestures, splashes, and spillages.

Jussi TwoSeven’s painting process begins by first painting a base layer with a paint roller directly on a wall or on canvas. On top of the base layer, he uses spray paint and stencils to add several paint layers, usually three to five layers. With large murals, TwoSeven uses a hoist. The stencil size is 100 x 130 centimetres, and there are often dozens or even hundreds per piece. The largest murals may require up to five hundred stencils. The stencils are created by editing a photograph, after which they are cut using a laser cutter.

Creation of Travel Diary: Hamburg (2-2) as a timelapse-video on Jussi TwoSeven’s Instagram-account:

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Jussi TwoSevenin näyttely All Is One Kimmo Pyykkö -taidemuseossa 25.1. – 17.5.2020.

Jussi TwoSeven works using spray paint and stencils. Photo: Oula Paunonen

Kimmo Pyykkö -taidemuseossa tapahtuu

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