R.O.A.R. 27

There are two of Jussi TwoSeven’s animations on view in the Kimmo Pyykkö Art Museum: R.O.A.R. 27 and All City Movement 2.

The protagonist of the R.O.A.R. 27 animation is a bear. The animation is based on photographs and is comprised of several pieces of Jussi TwoSeven’s street art. The street art included in the R.O.A.R. 27 animation, depicting bears, has been painted in Oslo and Helsinki. The Oslo pieces were painted near the Akerselva river as part of the Nuart RAD art event (2017). The Helsinki pieces were painted in Kannelmäki during the Upea18 art festival (2018). The animation premiered in the autumn of 2019. In this updated version on view in the art museum, Jussi TwoSeven has added a number of still photographs of the painting on canvas, included in this exhibition, where the bear roars out the texts of the pieces.

The bear is also present as the animation’s still image in the art museum’s stairway, and the R.O.A.R 1–5 series is on view in the gallery space on the art museum’s second floor. In the paintings of the R.O.A.R series, the images are connected to words: Make Sahara Green Again; New Rules Please, _ism is Costing Too Much… The bear speaks out stencil-painted statements containing social criticism and messages on environmental politics, the meaning of which is very clear.

ROAR-00420 animation on Jussi TwoSeven’s Instagram-account (Animation R.O.A.R. 27 in All Is One exhibition includes also images from other R-O-A-R artworks displayed in exhibition.):


Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.


ROAR-00420 at Kannelmäki, Helsinki for UPEA18. @upeart #jussitwoseven #stencil #stencilart #streetart #mural #animation #upea18 #katutaide

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Jussi TwoSevenin näyttely All Is One Kimmo Pyykkö -taidemuseossa 25.1. – 17.5.2020.

Still image out of animation R.O.A.R. 27 (video loop), WUXGA video, 10:00 s (loop). The one displayed in All Is One exhibition is editio 3.

Kimmo Pyykkö -taidemuseossa tapahtuu

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