Jussi TwoSeven

Jussi TwoSeven, born in 1983 in Espoo, is a Helsinki-based artist with roots in graffiti and street art. Jussi TwoSeven grew up with the graffiti culture, and the effect of traditional graffiti is still visible in his art. TwoSeven is known for his elegant, photorealistic black-and-white paintings and installations, as well as his large murals created for the urban environment.

TwoSeven is currently one of the best-known Finnish artists producing mural paintings. He has created large murals and street art since 2015 all over Finland, for instance in the Helsinki region, Pori, Mikkeli, Turku, Oulu, Hyvinkää, and Mänttä. As an artist, he considers it important that people can have an aesthetic experience in the street space where they move.

Jussi TwoSeven has participated in several international street art festivals and stencil art competitions and produced painting performances since 2010. He has produced art e.g. in Brighton in England, and Oslo and Sandnes in Norway.

His newest works of art are the great grey owls painted on the facade of the Flying Cinema building in Katajanokka (Strix Nebulosa, 2019), bears on the facade of the Otaniemi high school (Otakarhu, 2019), and ospreys at the ends of the apartment buildings in Karakallio, Espoo (Pandion Haliaetus, 2019).

Jussi TwoSeven held his debut exhibition in 2011 in the Make Your Mark gallery in Suvilahti, Helsinki. The gallery was founded by Umut Kiukas and showcases graffiti art. His pieces are included in the collections of e.g. Helsinki, Vantaa, and Pori Art Museums. He was nominated for the international Stencil Art Prize in 2019 and 2016 and for the World Illustration prize in 2013. Jussi TwoSeven is a member of the Espoo Visual Artists Association and the Helsinki Artists’ Association, and a candidate member in the Finnish Painters’ Union.

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Jussi TwoSevenin näyttely All Is One Kimmo Pyykkö -taidemuseossa 25.1. – 17.5.2020.

Jussi TwoSeven (in behind a part of artwork Strix Nebulosa, 2020)  Photo: Johanna Kangas

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