27- Our World, 2019

TwoSeven is a pseudonym which can also be seen as a logo in several of Jussi TwoSeven’s works of art. The black-and-white logo contains the numbers two and seven. The numbers of the pseudonym and the logo refer to his childhood neighbourhood, because the numbers 27 are also included in the postal code of Espoo’s Viherlaakso. The numbers also refer to TwoSeven’s time of birth. The use of the logo and the alias goes back to the graffiti culture where the artists sign their works of art (“pieces”) with their alias or logo. In graffiti culture, writing one’s name or logo is the primary purpose for a graffiti writer.

In graffiti culture, the artists have traditionally stayed hidden behind their aliases. Protecting one’s anonymity has also partly been born of necessity.


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Jussi TwoSevenin näyttely All Is One Kimmo Pyykkö -taidemuseossa 25.1. – 17.5.2020.

Jussi TwoSeven, 27- Our World, 2019. Acrylic and spray paint on canvas. Photo: Jussi TwoSeven.

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